Saturday, April 26, 2008

Screwed ups

I think it is rare for anyone in ACS(I) to have so many administrative screwed up at the same time.

Firstly, I have this Venture Exco screw up which the only solution is to kick out those people who are uncommitted. It is sick and disgusting to see JC1 students acting like childish retards. We are year 5s already, IBDP some more.Tomorrow should be the judgment day for them i suppose, voting the Exco out.

Then there s another incident i would like to classify as an accident as i do not know anything about it and it involved the senior admin. It is unlikely that such a low profile club in the school can cause such a stir.

I feel so screwed up.


It is through this kind of training that i know my limits. My fitness is not as good already so does my thinking skills under pressure. Our obstacle would be ourselves, our weakness. I must train myself again.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mein Kampf

Target marked, accelerating.......
I am no projectile in a linear collider.

Target locked, attacking......
I am no missile in a F-15

Bearing acquired, launch torpedo......
I am no wolf in the sea

Bearing set, full speed ahead.......
I am not Bismark stricken in the bay

Spears loaded, aiming.......
I am no crew serving a piece

String pulled, releasing.......
I am no yeoman on the ridge

Struggles,it is all the same,
It is all by men who knew nothing,
No conscience without a soul.
Conflict, there is no end,
Peace, there is much hate.

It is all about struggles,
big or small,
Long or short,
It is all the same.

Maybe the swastika will give us all
the struggle we lust.


Everyone look like shit today.

Eye bags, general pale complexion, weak voices.... shuffling movements......

......deep moaning......milky eyes.......the need for brainzzzzzzzzzz

Oops, too much "Land of the dead" for me, along with "Texas chainsaw massacre" among other movies.

IB has finally caught up with us, it is time for us to run faster, at least we can survive for another three months without getting turn into zombies.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


There are things that i understand and my action tell everyone that i understand them. (Commando Carefour)

There are things that i understand but i act blur due to some unforeseen circumstances. (Scouts politics)

There are things that i am going to understand. (life and the inner feeling of females)

There are things that i do not understand but trying to understand. (How the hell a whole damn cluster of star could not appear on my telescope)

There are things that i do not understand and struggling to understand. (Wole Soyinka and Robert Frost)

There are things that i do not understand because it has not occurred to me that they are of any tactical value. (Some stuff in school)

There are things that i do not understand but do not feel like understanding. (the gossips in school)

There are things that i do not understand but still could not understand.(some people in school, mainly their lifestyle which i will not understand in my life)

There are things that i do not understand and i understand that understanding those things is not good for me. ( Stuff, this is quite personal)

But anyway, the best way to shrug off everything will be the famous Thai word, Pong Mai Kao Chai (I don't know)