Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Survival course, T minus Two days.....

So Excited.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Report on IBA Day 1

IBA for me is quite interesting as I will be the Auditor in a company. I was thrown into the fray on the first day, just assignment and some people you can get information out of. It starts out fine but some of the waiting parts are just way boring......speaking of efficientcy....So, the whole day i will be walking around acting as the inquisition of sort......

My mum's friend from Poland came to visit us, some photos here, the rest is with Mr.Gan if you are wondering.


Pics from Pulau Ubin!!!


A.K.A Patrol Leader Survival Camp and applies to both ways.

Indeed, I see the process and the result of it.

To all the year 3 PLs, you have my blessing to carry on the tradition.

Cheers, work hard next year!

Pulau Ubin

There was this Sunday where me with the rest of the MPCC astro guys went to Pulau Ubin to recon a bit......

A reconnaissance mission.

We began our journey at about 11 after of apparent brunch and things got a bit wild ...... we are actually in a rural area in Singapore!!!! with the kampong feel all around us and $2 bikes!!!! OMG this is heavenly!!!!

It went well until we arrive at a particular gate..... we opened it with my bao bei knife and it all went well. The view of the quarry was gorgeous and that being at 400 metres deep gave me a deep impression of the marvel of human spirit to bend nature at our will.

Then we went to yet another state occupied land which had its sign removed, so that makes the entry legal? Oh my, chopping through the bushes is fun. Again, the scenery was shiok and i love how it was denied access with just a few "Police line, do not cross " tape.

We went to the German's girl shrine and prayed for something good to happen. My sign is to go for it, although go for what I do not know.....

Too bad then.

After waiting for the heavy downpour to stop while playing cards along the way, I went back with the rest "go back to the North."

Astronomy with Viet Scholars-exchange students

They are too hyperactive.

.............ends transmission...............

Photo Shoot with Vu.

Next will be the photo taking sessions..... too bad all the files is on my personal mac in singapore but i will try to get it in the future. That was quite funny as we are stopped by Yvone Lim the deputy dean (I think) half way out of school and was scolded not being able to go for a river cruise or something (these kinds of things only happens in ACS) So, we went to China town and other places such as raffles place and took a weird photo. We had dinner in a Hong Kong styled restaurant and was my friends first try at typical Chinese food (he is vietnamese and boarding school food sucks) Anyway, we took a lot of pics then and I will try to show you when i get them.

Picture time!!!

Orionids Star Party

Lets have a summary of my post exams activity.

First, there is the Orionids star party, which me and the lovely RG girls had a fun time (tailing them to prevent them from crashing into one another). Drink and smoke all night with my poly friends. We did not slept at all the whole night, waiting only for the few comets to fly by. Some meteor shower. It was quite enjoyable until the rain came which makes all of us franticly collecting our telescopes and the bodies of the now drunken collegues. Well, I guess is good for them to relax a bit after all those hard work. The only thing that troubles me the most is still the organizer thing we have to do. Just two of us to control a crowd of fifty!

So, photos will be uploaded in a later date, stay tuned!