Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Career Day

Career day was ok in a way that we get to move around, and have free goodies, too bad my journal was force to be given to Feng. But again, somehow I can see the Kiasuism exibited by our fellow man. I can see people getting on their hands the goodies given out by the people there, and that including me. This reminds me of how the Malaysians see Singaporeans as, and I was shocked only to found out that I am one of them, but nevermind, I think it is time for me to apply for a SAF scholarship soon....

Art today was terrible, I can't seem to do anything at all. My ideas are there, but are too disorganize to present them in a cohesive manner. I wish I could have be given more time for my work.....

Marilyn Manson's new album is coming out soon on 27th March, wish that I could get it. BTW, C&C 3 is coming out on the day after, so watch out for Scrin.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Parliament House

Visiting the Parliament House was a fun and exciting experience. We started off from school,but have a detour in the middle as we have to embrace a summon by a traffic police. He is quite cool though, for an officer for his job. We arrive at the place slightly delayed but is still in time for the session. We went into the hall excitedly, hoping to see Lee Hsien Loong, to our suprise, the atmosphere inside the hall is quite slack but still retain a sense of importance. Once entered the hall, we have to bow to the speaker, which I felt awkward at first but slowly adjusted to it as we move through the various places. The speaker was Dr Yacob, addressing on the problem of energy in Singapore.The language can be describe as simple yet insightful, there are no hidden meaning here and the other MPs are just frank on what they have to say. One suggested putting guppies in the rivers and such. They got an odd sense of humor though and has contributing towards the occasional giggles by the MPs. I wonder this is allowed though, but as the person in charge told us that there will be a person conducting the discipline of the people down at the seats, I guess it is fine. The most interesting moment is when they are talking about the Mosquito problems whereby they are comparing the size of the Mosquito and the cost to defeat Mosquito. this gave us a good laugh though. After all, this is not a military tribunal but a British based senate. We are quite lucky today as we saw the Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong just below us and the passing of the golden stick around by the person with the Tux. It is quite an experience though.

When I grow up, I just want to be like one of them down there.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Week: terminated

This week has had to be my most busy week since Chinese New Year, The week has been filled with Activities, had a few panic attacks because of that.

Monday: Marching straight after school, had to go to see Grandmother in NUH, as my Aunt phoned me that she is in the OT, but in the end, it is only to connect a valve in the chest cavity. I ran my heart out to NUH, stupid me forgot the thing called a cab. Kudos for those who did not pon the session on Monday. I hope the guy who suck at marching will learn his way, or elase it would be plain horrible

Tuesday: Marching in the Afternoon, had to rehearse and rehearse. The only good thing is being the right marker which is good as I don't have to move around much. The funny thing is that the BB Primer screwed up the first time, as I tailgate behind him, I also had to do the 40 degree turn with him. The venture contingent is better than the Scout contingent in terms of performance(o course) but in the end, Neil screwed up, caught in the video some more. I think it is good to send to the American's funniest home videos his face is just directly in front of the camera. Mad ISO rush that night but end up sleeping, too bad, sorry to myself, I am just plain tired....

Wednesday: School Rehearsal that day, I screwed up again by forgetting to bring my school uniform(luckily no one notices). That day had my bio paper back. I just passed..... Sorry Mr See. sad, I remembered his word again "You better do well in your studies" Sometimes it is just too bad I guess. Nevermind, I shall do better, considering the fact that Vio is my best science subject. I won't let you down , Mr Cheong and Mr See. I went for art that day, I tried to persuade Farlow that day with my new 3-D Idea, but was induce to take back the idea because of his passive ability, intimidate. Sometimes it is scary talking to Farlow, at one time he could be an angel but the other time the devil. Sometimes I will just froze and try to find an explanation. Still, this can be another form of training for oral presentation as I had to be either super-duper prepared or just make up statistic on the spot, I prefer the earlier I guess. And poor Paul has to be my model for my upcoming project:). At night, hawker's fare, no prata for us sia..... so sad, have to q up for Chicken rice. I found out that one's sneakiness will benefit others, I shall not elaborate on that :) Those with my table will have a good understanding of what I have just said. I don't know what happened but somehow the rest of the boarding school seems to want to take picture with me, I wonder why...... It was a pleasant shock to me that that night have no fire drill, in lieu of the founder's day I guess. Have to wake up early the day after.

Thursday: The day of Marching is nigh. Woke up damn early that day and guess what, Red berets and Epaulettes for all the "venture". Yeah!!! but still have to return afterwards......sad sia....To my horror, it rained. Sian diao. In the end, the band screwed the senior contingent up, I shall get my revenge!!! I tried to get the tents from the den after the ceremony but it deterred by the PMSing QM, you guys knows who he is and I shall not comment on that. After forcing my way to two tents, I went back to my room and had a quick nap of 6 hours......

Friday: I had a tough morning as none of us has prepared for the oral presentation. After that, I had my panic attack. I felt I had low blood pressure but the result turn out to be the opposite, I felt restless and just could not relax. I felt bad that I made Madam Joe worried, but I just could not control myself. I felt hopeless and weak, feel like to faint. Then, I went for Scout service but miraculously, all the unwell feeling gone when Mr Terence Ng ask me to lead 19 ACJS kids. They are the worst bunch I have ever lead, without the teacher, and all by myself. Still, I felt the energy coming back, I just tell myself, I can do it, and I did. I guess everything is just in your head, not the rest of the body. We had fun together but the fish I caught doesn't they all dies shortly after, quite sad. I even forget to take pictures of them. I went to Vivo City after that. Bought stuff for two girls. How I love multi-timing. Jasper saide that I will have multiple partners when I grow up, but still....

Saturday: Nothing much, just do homework and download stuff. Until two, things started to get busy. Nedd to get the water container. Then, I have to carry the chairs to the observatory, 22 of them. Train for football for 15 minutes, manage to deflect some balls :) small achivement here. My sport after canoeing. That night is quite franctic, luckily Minyang and Kangdi came to help me, I gave them my upmost sincere thanks here. Then , they came, like a swarm...... The RJ people are a funny bunch, always joking and cracking around. Their hyperactiveness can be compared to the ACJS people I led. The chill out session can be considered satanic by some but still fun. Anyway, it is still a fun experience interacting with those JC people.They even ask me for my numbers...wink wink... The full lunar eclipsed is quite dissapointing, not that spectacular and that Kegan guys kept on calling me before hand. Should pump him next week sia...

Sunday: The full lunar eclipse. Not that satisfying actually. Went out with Ashly and Kangdi for breakfast afterwards. Talking about eggs after eating. Then went NUS High hostel to pass Jingqi her birthday present. Some say that I show favouritism, but still, I tried my best already not to show it. What can the rest do about it then?

Now I should conclude the longest post so far by a though of the day,
Thou shalt know thy Duties.